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Ulli Kron - Press

Ulli Kron Trio

"Here meet three musicians absolutely on par for having fun together with their audience. A pleasant side effect is the fact that this emontional act takes place on the highest musical level. Already the first piece documents that this group belongs amongst the most highly acclaimed ones that is offered in today's Swing and Boogie scene."

"… can't imagine the european Jazz scene without them."

"A Trio in a class of its own!"

""Fascinating also the total symbiosis between the picked double-bass and the left hand of the piano player. Here the circle completes gapless to the very expressive acting drummer who convinces accompanying as well as soloing with brilliant technique."

"The Ulli Kron Trio gleamed with its versatility and is home in the Blues as well as in the Swing idiom. Perfect was the interaction between Kron and his brilliant accompanists Rüdiger Mayer and Peter Gropp."

"An absolut delight for all friends of Blues, Swing, Jazz and Boogie-Woogie. In their solo parts the three musicians showed unmistakably that they are masters of their instruments."

"Perfectly timed the musicians played calmly, with the greatest of ease, although their fingers ran over keys and strings."

Ulli Kron Solo

“Following an invitation by the Jazz Club Ulli Kron took his audience back to the twenties for over two hours with impressively played music by Albert Ammons, Montana Taylor, Meade Lux Lewis and Cow Cow Davenport. The man at the piano cast his spell on his audience just as effectively with numerous of his own compositions. “

“It is a fact that sometimes the laws of gravity seem to have lost their influence for the sympathetic pianist. The beautifully rolling bass combined with the accurate octaves with the left hand and the effectively formed characteristic dampening of the intonation, sparkling with ideas, electrified the audience and fascinated even the doubters among them.”

“... and played blues and boogie-woogie in such an excellent way as if it were the easiest thing in the world. The phenomenal way he plays is marked by harmony and melody as well as by lively rhythm.”

“Unspoilt elemental with an incredible sense for melody and rhythm he treated the keys, giving his playing the typical character of Boogie Woogie.”

Ulli Kron & Marc Galperin

“Kron and Galperin hammered away at the two grand pianos energetically and explosively, and sometimes approached musical top-class sport when the two pianists, covered in perspiration, not only interpreted the ‘Sheik of Araby’ at a racy tempo but also put well known versions of other songs into the shadows with the supreme command of their instruments."

Ulli Kron & Levke Serfling

“It is Levke Serfling in particular who, with her voice, rounds off Ulli Kron’s artistic performance on the piano.”

“A casual mixture made up of ballads, mid-tempo numbers and hot boogie-woogie, performed by two excellent musicians, who quite obviously not only get on well together musically.”

“... Ulli Kron has found a real pearl in Levke Serfling, the singer from Sylt. It was also the young singer who steered Kron out of the boogie-woogie scene and manoeuvred him into the field of blues with an astonishing degree of style and an immensely strong voice. She makes use of the whole vocal range, sometimes with pressure, then again purring lasciviously or wailing vibrato.”

“This young lady has a power-voice which doesn’t make you expect that she hails from the cool northern part of Germany, the North Sea island of Sylt. She has been accompanied by no less than Ulli Kron.”

“A lively person who enthralled the almost 500 members of the audience with sex appeal in her movement and her voice.”

Ulli Kron & Jörg Hegemann:

„Already at the first songs these two proved to be absolute experts. And how they went about it: The one with charming Blues improvisations, romantic, sensitive, full of ideas – this is Ulli Kron’s strong point, the other one with rapid Boogie impressions of eruptive power, physically almost dissolved into music, he showed a literally athletic performance. All that was naturally developed, never overdone or even artificial. It was the expression of pure and clear mastery. The way they were interacting in their interplay the way one answered to the ideas of the other and how it all melted together was a first-class highbrow delight.”