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Blues, Swing & Ballads

born in October of 1966, already established in the European Blues and Boogie-Woogie scene when he was in his early twenties.

The Wuppertal born guy quit his classical piano education after six years at the age of 15 and taught himself the Swing, Blues and Boogie Woogie idiom.

Early 1985 he performed the first time in public with his Swing & Boogie Woogie Trio. Soon after this he met Germany's pioneer of Boogie Woogie, Leopold von Knobelsdorff, who inspired him to specialize on this dynamic kind of music. First influenced by the "classical" Boogie Woogie of the 20's and 30's he soon developed a style of his own. This development is (among other reasons) founded on his co-operation with vocalists like Jeanne Carroll, Angela Brown and Albert C. Humphrey.

In the course of the years he has recorded several albums under his name and participated on other productions as a guest musician. At the late 1980's the doors opened for him to appear on festivals, jazzclubs, radio and TV shows all over Europe. Furthermore he was awarded with the german "Oscar for Artists" in 1989.

Besides his activities as a soloist and accompanyist Ulli Kron was one of the founding members of the legendary Piano Boogie Woogie Quartet (four pianists on two pianos). After staying with them for eight successful years he left this formation to dedicate to new projects. So he played more the "Swinging Jazz" again, engaged more in the archaic Blues as well as in Jazz ballads. The first result of this development was the foundation of his Jump'n'Jive Band Ulli Kron & The Swinging Blues Maniacs in 1994, with whom he recorded two more albums. This Band presents Rhythm'n'Blues and Jump'n'Jive of the 1950's era with new arrangements and original compositions.

Furthermore his musical carrer is influenced by his work with such international Stars of this music as "Mr. Supercharge" Albie Donnelly, Little Willie Littlefield, Dave Kelly, Dave Peabody or Britain's Boogie-Woogie piano player No. 1, Bob Hall.

Meanwhile Ulli Kron toured more than a dozen European countries, from Norway to Greece, from Ireland to Hungary. And in 2005 – his 20th anniversaiy on stage - he is on the road again.

In the beginning of August 1999 he met the young lady singer LEVKE SERFLING for the first time on a concert on which they where booked together. The audience, musicians and promoters were totally enthusiastic so that they were booked immediately again and soon more concerts all over Germany were fixed. Levke Serfling started singing in 1996 after listening to a Blues piano player on her home island of Sylt. Already one year later she won a north German award for upcoming artists and appeared at the famous “Sylt-InConcert“- festivals. During the past two years she shared the stage with well-known Blues and Jazz musicians or performed in churches as an “à capella“ Gospel singer. Critics praise her powerful and strong voice that shows convincing maturity and an emotional expression as well as her enormous skill of her performance.

ULLI KRON and LEVKE SERFLING played celebrated concerts all over Germany and in Greece, recorded the CD “Since I Fell For You“ in October 1999 and are now on tour together again to present their recently released CD “Sister”.