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Boogie Woogie Piano Duo

Ulli Kron,
born in Wuppertal, Germany, in 1966, even yet became an etablished Blues-, Swing-, and Boogie Woogie piano player in the European Jazz scene.

In 1981, after six years of classical education, he began to improvise to old Swing records. Four years later he played the first time for a large public. Finally 1986, he met Germany's "Boogie Woogie Pioneer" Leo von Knobelsdorff who gave him the kick to specialize on this rare and dynamic music.

In the beginning strongly influenced by the "classical" Boogie Woogie, Ulli Kron has become more and more Blues-orientated. Through his early developed personal style he soon won a claim from well-known American and British Blues singers and instrumentalists.

Ulli Kron played countless solo performances as well as concerts with different groups up to a Big Band. Meanwhile he appeared in jazzclubs, on festivals, in radio and TV shows all over Europe. In 1989 he released his first album "Friday Night Mood" which was followed by five more productions, "Keys On Fire" (1991), "Boogie Woogie Thunderstorm" (1992), "Boogie Woogie Meeting" (1994), "Full Steam Ahead!" (1995) and "Christmas Mania" (1996). Furthermore he participates on three more CD's and appeared on stage with stars of Blues like Angela Brown, Jeanne Carroll, Albert C. Humphrey, Dave Peabody, "Mr. Supercharge" Albie Donnelly and Bob Hall. In 2005 Ulli is celebrating his 20th anniversary on stage.

Jörg Hegemann hails from Witten, Germany. Also born in 1966 he is one of the few pianists who is completely into the "classical" Boogie Woogie, playing the style of Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson.

After listening to a Boogie Woogie concert in 1983 he got hooked on this music and started self-taughed playing piano in 1986. At the end of that year he did his first concert, formed the well-known band "Chicago Four", and appeared in jazzclubs, pubs, radio and TV shows.

Meanwhile Jörg Hegemann works more as a soloist and duo pianist in which his success is increasing. His repertoire contains Boogie Woogie classics as well as originals played in the manner of the "good old days". His breath-taking way of playing always makes a special event out of his concerts. He also released four albums which show his electrifying style of playing.

Ulli Kron and Jörg Hegemann used to play in the same clubs without knowing each other in 1988. Time passed by and finally in 1992 they met the first time and did a jam session together. In 1993 they did their first official duo concert on a Jazz festival which was appreciated very much. More and more concerts followed and a great team-work started ...

Together they celebrate the old tradition of the Boogie Woogie piano duets like the pioneers did it in the Thirties and Fourties, playing on two pianos.

The two piano players are lightening a Boogie Woogie fireworks that will be unforgettable for the audience who has seen and listen to it.